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Translate your diploma, transcript, degree and educational/professional certificate to English to study and work in United States


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"Certified" English translation of diplomas and transcripts over 30 years - Since 1982


Thai to English Translation of Diploma

Certified English translation of your Thai diploma

You need to translate your Thai diploma to English and certify for universities, colleges, licensing boards and employers in United States.

Why do you need your Thai diploma translated to English language?

Thai diploma is a certificate or deed awarded to student by an education institution (high school, university, college) in Thailand

Education in Thailand is administered by Ministry of Education and Ministry of University Affairs as compared to more in the past. This situation prevented establishment of standard curricula and forms. There are diploma and certificate programs in Dual Vocational Education system following German education practice under direction of Department of Vocational Education.

Technical and community colleges are popular in Thailand. Chulalalongkorn University has good international ranking. Distance learning via TV is gaining popularity.

High school graduates must pass Central University Admission System test to attend university for higher education.

Why do you need "word-for-word" certified English translation of your Thai diploma?

American universities and colleges, evaluation services, licensing boards, and U.S. employers need your educational documents translated from Thai to English language and certified so that they can assess and evaluate your qualifications in U.S. educational system standards.

You cannot submit your own translation as you are an interested party. Your translation must be completed by an independent translation service. Thai to English translator must be “competent” to translate your diploma and “certify” that translation is accurate, true, and correct.

We translate your educational documents precisely and "word-for-word" as required by American universities, colleges and World Education Services (WES).