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Translate your diploma, transcript, degree and educational/professional certificate to English to study and work in United States


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"Certified" English translation of diplomas and transcripts over 30 years - Since 1982


Translate Urdu Diploma to English

Your Urdu diploma must be translated into English and certified

Translate your diploma from Urdu to English with certification to:
• be admitted to a high school, university, community college or higher education institution to continue your education;
• practice your profession by applying for license;
• get work permit from U.S. Department of Labor;
• apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to get your Green Card to stay in United States legally; or
• work for a government agency or private firm in United States.

Why do you need certified English translation of your Urdu diploma?

Your diploma is issued by an educational institution (high school, vocational school, university, college) in Pakistan or Afghanistan testifying that you completed a particular course of study or confers an academic degree. You need to have “certified English translation” of your Urdu diploma so that you can prove that you as a foreign/international student or immigrant had certain level of education in Pakistan or Afghanistan

English translation of your Urdu diploma must be word-for-word

All American universities, colleges, educational institutions and foreign credential evaluation services require “word-for-word” English translation of your Urdu diploma. Word-for-word translation is “literal” translation or rendering. Metaphrase is formal or literal equivalence of the words in your Urdu diploma. In Latin, this is called verbum pro verbo, that is, word-for-word.

In linguistic terms, “source” language your diploma is Urdu and “target” language is English.

Evaluation of your Urdu diploma is based on its certified English translation.

How can you get certified word-for-word English translation of your Urdu diploma?

Simply send us an electronic (scanned) copy of your diploma and indicate its source (original) language.

How much? You will know it within three minutes after you send your email message to us.
How long? Within two business days, next business day in most cases.